Lawns need to be regularly fed and maintained to look their best. A beautiful lawn can make neighbors feel jealous. Cf Landscaping gives advice on how with a little care, you can own a beautiful lawn. Feel free to visit for tips on lawn maintenance.

1. Watering the lawn
Watering the lawn should be done regularly during summer. The frequency of watering and quantity of water should be decided by taking, the local weather and which type of lawn, into consideration. If the grass does not have enough water, it may start to look dull. Early morning is the best time to water the lawn before sun’s heat sets in. You can install water sprinklers or automatic computer systems to water the lawn.

2. Trimming the lawn
Regular trimming is very important for a lush lawn. During summer, grass should be left a little longer since it is better to withstand drought. This will maximize the photosynthesis process. It is better to mow during spring, and it has to be done on different directions every week. This helps the grass to stand straight.

3. Feeding the lawn
Regular feeding is essential for a lawn to grow healthy. The lawn should be fertilized once a month or once in five weeks. You can use a spreader to sprinkle the fertilizer evenly. Though many good products are available in the market, make sure it is one that suits your lawn better.

4. Eliminating weeds
A thick lawn prevents weeds naturally as there won’t be enough space for weeds to grow. It won’t be a tough job to remove weed manually after a rain or watering since the soil will be loose and weed can be pulled out easily.

5. Aerating the lawn
Aerating is an important task that needs to done for the root system to get enough air supply. You can do this by simply poking holes in the soil. There are aerators on hire for larger lawns.