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Choosing The Best Welding Helmet


Welders around the world are spending more hours in a hazardous environment by exposing themselves to hot gases. These gases make tremendous glow of bright light which can even make a loss of vision when proper care is not taken. In this context, the cool welding hoods come to rescue to these blue-collared workers. The reader can browse www.augustatools.co.za/ to know more details about the welding helmets.

Wearing a welding helmet is mandatory
When it comes to safety, these welding helmets are the first accessory a professional welder should think of, and surely so, one cannot perform welding without a welding helmet. Those who are doing welding jobs without wearing the right welding helmets will always carry the risk of losing their vision and even lose their life.

Chose the right welding helmet
Selecting the right welding helmet is a daunting task as a buyer needs to consider several factors before buying a right one. One should remember the fact that buying high-quality welding helmet is sure to produce great results such as comfort, quality, and safety. Hence a buyer needs to keep this in mind while shopping for welding helmets. Some of the other features to consider while buying a helmet include is the weight of the helmet, type of lens used, filter shades, etc.

Aspects like color, style are secondary, and one can select them according to the personal taste. However, one should not compromise the primary features as mentioned earlier to protect the safety of the worker as well as his investment. More often, buyers are tempted to select a welding helmet based on the price tag alone. But such an attempt could end up in compromising both safety and comfort in the end.

Key things to consider while buying a good welding helmet
Shell: Ensure the shell has an eye-piece that can withstand impact, heat, and electricity. The eyepiece should be opaque with an auto-sensor that activates a dim light while doing a live welding.
Retainer lens: This is to prevent any particles which come out during welding getting into the eyes of the welder. Such lenses are made with plastic instead of glass.
Filter lens: This lens controls the light that affects the eyes, and they come in various shades. Because of the shades, there will be less light to pass through the eyes.
Gasket: This is primarily used in between the filter Lens and cover lens, and it prevents the heat energy that occurs during high voltage fluctuation.
External cover lens: This vital part prevents the user from scratches as well the UV radiation.

In addition to the features mentioned about, few welding elements come with auto darkening feature. With this unique feature, one need not change the lens for darkening while doing the welding. There are innumerable options available for the buyers while selecting the welding helmets. The prices of high-quality helmets are determined by the number of features and other functionalities. Hence one has to spend more time while shopping for welding helmets.