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How To Clean Your Drain By Natural Methods

clean the drain

When you have an issue with drain you might think of figuring out how to unclog a drain naturally. Baking soda will help in unclogging the drains which is stinky. Before you give a try with costly cleaners it is better to try baking soda. Many would have tried different drain cleaners and would have failed miserably. You should stop using any chemicals before you reach out to the plumber in figuring out what the problem is.

Many flats and communities warn not to use chemical cleaners. When you make use of the methods on a regular basis then it would make your drains feel fresh and clean.

Method 1
As a first step pour some baking soda in the drain and following that pour some vinegar. Before adding the vinegar into the drain you can also microwave the vinegar for few seconds. You can try this process over and over again until you get the desired results. If you are using it and haven’t unclog your drain of lately then you should try using baking soda for few times. You need not wait for the drains to get clogged to use this method. You can use this method regularly whenever you clean the toilet.

Method 2
Add some baking soda and little salt which can be mixed well and poured in the drain. This mixture should rest in the drain for few hours and the best option would be to leave it overnight without flushing it. When you flush, pour some boiling water. When you do this process in the night it would work better as you will not be using the drain till the next day morning.

These are some of the tested methods which help in unclogging your drain. To keep diseases at bay it is vital to keep your drain neat and disease free.