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Advantages of Rental Furniture

rental furniture

Furniture hiring is the new trend in the market. Many people prefer hiring furniture for their requirements than buying new furniture due to many added advantages. There are many options available in the market for those who want to go for furniture rental options. You could check out 740 Designs for house staging in Perth to know more about furniture hire benefits. There are many interesting posts regarding furniture rental at http://homedesignlover.com/ for your selection that help point you in the right direction. You can go for one which suits you well as per your desire and budget. More facts on furniture hiring and its advantages are mentioned here below.

Selection Criteria
· First, list down the details of the furniture you need for your home. Once the list is ready, you have to select a furniture package which has all your listed items. It is cheaper and better to choose a package from a reputed furniture rental dealer because they will provide you great discounts if you go for packages. Selecting furniture one by one will cost you more than these packages. You can either go for standard or premium package options for 1 to 4 bedroom property according to your budget.
· Other than package options, you can select rental furniture’s based on the room type, such as bedroom furniture, living room furniture, study room furniture and kitchen furniture. This is also one of the famous and best methods of selecting rental furniture for your home.
· Some furniture rental dealers also provide some additional products such as high-end televisions, microwaves, garden furniture, bedclothes and coffee machines as per their customers demand and also to attract new customers.

Order Quantity and Duration
The order quantity differs from dealer to dealer but most dealers have the minimum order requirements as eight pieces of furniture. Just keep in mind that one whole dining set is considered as a single item that is, one dining table and six chairs. Some dealers have the minimum rental period for one month, but mostly there is no minimum hiring period, you can even hire for just one day. Almost, all the dealers have a maximum hiring period of three years.

Quality and Pricing
The furniture rental agencies always deal with high-quality furniture for durability. Pricing depends on your order and the hiring period. You have to pay an initial security deposit amount while ordering the rental furniture and the deposit amount is fully refundable at the time of returning the furniture. The rental furniture is affordable as the payment has to be made on a monthly basis.

Delivery and Installation
Most of the rental furniture dealers will deliver your order on the same day within the country and the unpacking will be done by well-trained employees of the company. The experts will do the installation as per your requirements within the agreed time.

Contract Expiry Period
The company representatives will contact you one month before your contract expiry period. You are given a choice to extend or discontinue the services. Cancellation of the contract is allowed even before the expiry period after settlement of all the dues.