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One thing i have been reflecting on with clients lately is the difference between pain and suffering this distinction is one i continue to be reminded about subsequently i am going to share a little more around this topic of pain and sufferingthe difference between pain and suffering by catherine carrigan a handbook about how you can get out of pain naturally without drugs theres a difference between pain and suffering pain is the physical experience its an ache in your muscles the strain in your joints the fever and chills the throbbing in your temples the congestion the difference between pain and suffering i find it surprising how often the words pain and suffering are used interchangeably as it often happens when discussing issues of animal welfare the concept of suffering has profound implications when applied to both humans and animals so we should examine carefully what it entails philosophically we all experience both of them but have you ever wondered what the difference is between pain and suffering there is a buddhist saying that says when you get hurt say by an arrow that results in pain however there is a second arrow which is your reaction to the arrow the getting angry the planning of revenge that is beyond the painwhat is the difference between pain and suffering deepak chopra alternative and complementary medicine many people confuse pain with suffering we have to realize first of all that pain is not the same as suffering left to itself the body discharges pain spontaneously letting go of it the moment that the underlying cause is healed

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