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London City Selects could lose the Women’s Canada Cup competition in the playoffs.
   But it’s a virtual certainty the team from Cove Road will be the favourite to win it all following an impeccable first half of the season and in doing so be an important part of a movement to establish a high level women’s soccer league in this part of the country.
   While there are one or two standouts in a London squad that has won all eight games -- with a remarkable only four goals conceded since competition kicked off on June 5 -- the statistics suggest it’s a team effort with no less than 14 players having found the net for a total 30 goals in the eight games played to what is now a two-week break in the season.
   Forward Tanya Allegretti leads the scoring with six, including a hat-trick in a 12-0 demolition of Toronto Supra District Allstars at The Cove on June 27.
   While Ryan Gauss, Selects’ general manager is pleased with his team’s performance, he is also pre-occupied with the success or otherwise of the launch of six teams from six of the district associations in which CPSL professional men’s teams exist.
   “Like any new venture there are growing pains and we counted on that, but the overall picture is one of a very successful launch of women’s soccer at a level higher than previously existed and I’m now more convinced we can provide for Canadian teams in Canada what is now being made available only from the United States,” he said.
   Gauss was referring to the U.S.-based W-League of mostly U.S. teams but which also has a number of high level women’s teams from Canada in membership.
   John O’Neill, the chair of soccer’s  Durham Region Development Committee, which has the Durham Region Allstars in the Women’s Canada Cup but with much less success on the field with just one win in six games, also has high praise for the new venture into women’s soccer. 
   “The concept is great and it is our experience there are more than enough players in our region wanting to play at a higher level,” he said


Sun. Aug 7 Esther Shiner 5:00pm North York District Allstars vs York Region Lady Shooters
Sun. Aug 7  Brockton 5:00pm Toronto Supra District Allstars vsDurham Region Allstars
Sun. Aug 14 Esther Shiner Stadium 5:00pm North York District Allstars vs Durham Region
Sun. Aug 14 The Soccer Centre 6:00pm York Region Lady Shooters vs Border Stars Women
Mon. Aug 15 Cove Road 8:30pm London City Selects vs Border Stars Women
Fri. Aug 19 Oshawa Civic 7:00pm Durham Region Allstars vs Border Stars Women
Sun. Aug 21 Esther Shiner 5:00pm North York District Allstars vs London City Selects  
Sun. Aug 21 The Soccer Centre 4:00pm York Region Lady Shooters vs Toronto Supra District
Sun. Aug 28 Vaughan Grove 3:00pm York Region Lady Shooters vs North York District Allstars
Sun. Sep 4  Cove Road 8.30pm London City Selects vs North York District Allstars  

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