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We’ve launched – finally.
We have also destroyed our old Web site—blown it to pieces.
That’s important, because with the launch of our new Web site, with its new address, is really the beginning of a new era.

We think the CPSL is on the march.
We are Canada’s only professional soccer league—and we’re proud of that, very proud.
We are proud too, of Canada’s four A-League teams, because like the CPSL, they continue to show a determination to see professional soccer succeed in Canada.<br>
Canada can only make progress in world soccer if we have a good professional soccer structure. That’s the opinion of the experts.

We’ll tell you more about this, starting today. We have reproduced a story now appearing in The Soccer Team, a new soccer magazine being distributed in Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. It contains CPSL president Vincent Ursini’s views on where pro soccer is going in this country.

We will tell you more about the league and our member clubs. And especially our players. We value our sponsors and will tell you more about who they are and what they do. Beginning this week, you will get our scores same day, or night. The league standings too. Our leading goalscorers will be constantly updated. We will tell you how the games went—who scored, who played well and anything else we feel is of interest.

A few days later, we’ll even show you the highlights—some great goals.
We will keep you updated on schedule changes, our League Cup competition and the road to the playoffs for the Rogers Cup CPSL Championship in October.
That final weekend is being hosted by North York Astros, the North York Soccer Association and the community—we will keep you updated along the way.
We’ll have surprises. And prizes. Some giveaways. We have merchandise. And lots more.

We will work hard to earn your support, on and off the field. This Web site is a window to the CPSL. We hope you will follow our league, and become a staunch supporter.
Starting today.

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