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The League shall consist of two conferences and the League shall run a regular schedule of league games.

In addition, the League shall run an Open Canada Cup and the CPSL Championship Playoffs leading to the final game at the end of the season. Each team shall play at least a 20-game schedule (regular league games, cup and championship games combined). The exact format for the Open Canada Cup shall be determined as soon as the number of teams taking part has been finalized.

The end of season championship format will be determined annually.

The League may organize any local, national or international games, tournaments and exhibition matches as agreed by the Board of Directors.


In 2004, the League shall consist of two conferences and each team shall play the other teams in its conference twice - once at home and once away - and shall play the teams in the other conference once (cross-over games), home or away, as agreed by the Board of Directors. For crossover games, each of the two teams will alternate being the home team from year to year.

Three (3) points shall be awarded for a win and one (1) point for a tie.

The team finishing the regular league schedule with the most points in its Conference shall be declared the League Conference Champion (East or West). In the event of two teams tied on points, there shall be a one-game play-off to determine the Conference Champion. In the event of more than two teams tied on points, there shall also be a play-off to determine the Conference Champion. The Competitions Committee shall determine the exact format of any Conference Championship play-off.

In the event of one or more teams being tied on points at the end of the regular league schedule (other than for first place), the tie-breaking rules set out in these Rules & Regulations shall be used to determine placing.


The format for the Open Canada Cup Competition will be determined as soon as the number of teams in the League for a given year has been finalized.


A Playoff Competition may be run at the end of the season in a format determined by the League on an annual basis.

For 2004:

The top three teams in each of the two conferences at the end of the regular league schedule shall compete in the Playoff Competition for the CPSL Championship.

In each conference, the team finishing first automatically qualifies for the semi-final play-off weekend. The teams finishing in second and third place shall play each other in a one game quarterfinal play-off round with the second place team hosting the game. The winner of the quarterfinal game and the team finishing first will advance to the CPSL Championship weekend October 8 to 11, 2004. The Championship Weekend will, in 2004, be hosted by Brampton Hitmen.

If the Brampton Hitmen are unsuccessful in reaching the semi-finals, they will play a wild-card game on the Friday night prior to the CPSL Championship Weekend. Brampton Hitmen will play against the team from the same conference that won the quarterfinal (2nd vs. 3rd) play-off game.

The wildcard, semi-finals and final will be single games. In accordance with new 2004 FIFA Rules, any and all Open Canada Cup, and Playoff games tied at the end of regulation time will play two 15-minute overtime periods. If the score is still tied after the two 15-minute overtime periods are completed, penalty kicks will be taken in accordance with FIFA Rules.


If two or more teams are tied on points in the standings for regular league play (other than for first place) or any round-robin competition, the following criteria shall be used, in order, to determine the team(s) to be awarded the higher position:

(i) Result between the two teams in regular league play.
(ii) Most wins
(iii) Goal difference (goals scored less goals conceded)
(iv) Most goals scored
(v) Play-Off game.

The first tiebreaker is only applicable for a tie involving two teams.


All players shall be registered in accordance with Ontario Soccer Association (OSA), or where applicable, the rules set out by a provincial governing body in which the team is in membership, the Canadian Soccer Association rules and CPSL rules.

All registered players must be in possession of a valid Player Registration Book which must be produced at each game for review by the Match Observer or appropriate authority for the game in which the player is taking part. The Player Registration Book must also be made available at discipline hearings.

There is a roster freeze of September 1, 2021 for all CPSL teams.

All non-amateur (or professional) players must complete and submit a CPSL-approved player contract obtained from the CPSL office and must file all such contracts with the CPSL office and the OSA prior to the player playing any games for the CPSL Club.

Each team may register up to 25 players. A player who had been registered but is subsequently transferred or released is not included in the 25-player limit.

A team shall not have registered more than five (5) import players at any one time. For CPSL purposes, an import is defined as an individual who is not a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or Canadian government approved refugee.

Any player who had been registered but is subsequently transferred or released is not included in the five- (5) player limit after the date of transfer or release.

Players who were last registered and played outside of Canada must first obtain an International Transfer before they can be registered to play in the CPSL.


An amateur player shall be entitled to a transfer to or from a CPSL team to any other team in accordance with CPSL, OSA and CSA rules as applicable.

A non-amateur (or professional) player shall only be entitled to a transfer from a CPSL team in accordance with his contract or with the permission of the CPSL club with which he is contracted and the transfer must be in accordance with CPSL rules.

The deadline for transfers is September 1, 2004.


In addition to players properly registered with the team, players may also be used in CPSL league, playoff and Open Canada Cup as follows:

(i)Players registered with another team in the same club may be brought up to play for the respective CPSL team at any time without limitation.
(ii) Players registered with another club in the same territory with which the CPSL club has a written agreement, may be brought up to play for the respective CPSL team at any time without limitation. Affiliation agreements run from April 1 to November 15 on an annual basis and the deadline for entering into an affiliation agreement is August 31. For an Affiliation Agreement to be effective, it must be filed with the CPSL and OSA offices twenty-four hours prior to the respective CPSL club utilizing a player or players under an Affiliation Agreement.
(iii) Players registered with another club (other than a CPSL club) in Ontario may, upon completion of a Temporary Registration Permit (TRP), be brought up to play for a CPSL team for a combined total of up to three games in any of one or more of the following types of matches: regular league games; Open Canada Cup games; League Championship Play-Off games. A CPSL Club may not use a Temporary Registration Permit for more than three players in any one CPSL game. Players registered for clubs in other provinces must complete temperory permits required by that province.
(iv) Players not currently registered anywhere in Canada, and who are not on the Protection List of any CPSL team, may play up to two regular league games during a fifteen (15) day period for a CPSL team upon completion of a Trial Permit Form (TPF). If such a player was previously registered and played in another country, an International Transfer is also required.
(v) A player shall be eligible to play for only one team in any Cup Competition.
(vi) Players may be on loan to CPSL clubs subject to the requirements of the CPSL and governing bodies. Prior to the loan being effective, the league must receive confirmation in writing from both teams in the form of a letter containing the following information:
1. The duration or term of the loan agreement;
2. Who retains the rights to the player regarding inclusion in a team's Protection List;
3. The terms of the loan agreement.


The League shall approve the full schedule of regular League games and Open Canada Cup competition games no later than March 15th for the up-coming outdoor season.

Changes to the schedule after approval by the league may only be made upon request in writing to the Competitions Committee with a copy of the request given to the opposing team. The Competitions Committee may approve or deny the request at its sole discretion. If the change is granted, the team requesting the change shall pay a $1,000 administration fee following the approval. In addition, the request must be made at least 21 days prior to the scheduled game.

Postponed games requiring rescheduling shall be arranged by the home team in consultation with the opposing team and submitted to the CPSL Competitions Committee for approval.

Disputes that arise between the teams as to a suitable date for a cup or playoff game shall be submitted to the CPSL Competitions Committee for a decision.

A minimum 72 hours notice will be given for a rescheduled game or a new cup or playoff game.


Any club failing to provide an eligible team for a scheduled game - or properly re-scheduled game, shall forfeit the game by a 2-0 score, shall be fined and will be subject to additional penalties as determined by the Discipline Committee and the Board of Directors.



Teams are to arrive at least one hour prior to the scheduled kick-off time.

In order to co-ordinate specific times for inspection of cards and to determine any changes to the standard timelines due to any special events or extended pre-game ceremonies, teams (at least one Team Official and preferably the Team Captain and at least one of either the Manager, Coach and/or other Club Official(s)) are to meet with the Match Observer as soon as the teams arrive and as close as possible to one hour prior to the game.
The Match Observer and team representatives will agree upon each teams timetable. In case of any disputes, the Match Observer will have the final say in finalizing the pre-game time table for each team.

The Match Observers are not only working for the League to ensure standards are maintained and rules are followed, they are also at the CPSL games to work with, and assist, teams to get through the necessary game day requirements and in handling any unforeseen challenges. Each team is asked to work closely with the Match Observers; they can help to make things easier for everyone involved with the game.

Ground Conditions

Home team checks field components one hour before kick-off.

Benches must accommodate a minimum of 12 people.

Any deficiencies must be corrected and adjustments made no later than 30 minutes prior to kick-off time.

Facility Requirements

Adequate changing facilities must be in keeping with league standards for both teams.

Satisfactory changing facilities are required to accommodate both male and female game officials. Refreshments for game officials including bottled water before, during and after the game.

Sponsor banners must be in place in keeping with the league issued guidelines.

Public address system must be in good working order and the required announcements must be made, including sponsor announcements in keeping with league issued guidelines.

The home team is responsible for making all League-related announcements.
Members of the media must be properly accommodated and provided information to properly and accurately report the game.

In general, the condition of the ground must not fall below the agreed-to requirements at the time of membership acceptance in the CPSL.

Warm Up

Players warm up starts on arrival and must be concluded no later than 20 minutes prior to kick-off.

Team Sheets and Player Eligibility

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF GAME SHEETS TO BE DOWNLOADED. The Team Game Sheet is to be downloaded by the respective Teams and the Referee Game Sheet to be downloaded by the referee.

Teams are to download four copies of their Team Game Sheet after 12 noon on game day. The team shall insert the player jersey numbers next to the respective player names and the team shall also insert any additional player information for any players dressing for the game that are:

" Playing from an affiliated youth club;
" Playing under a Temporary Registration Permit; or,
" Playing under a Trial Permit.

Four copies of the completed Team Game Sheets are to be given to the Match Observer no later than 45 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time.

Player eligibility must be confirmed by the Match Observer. If the Match Observer is absent, the Referee, or his/her assignee, shall confirm player eligibility: As a last resort, a team official from each team will confirm the opposing team's player eligibility. A team official may oversee the Match Observer's confirmation of the opposing team's player eligibility.

Unless otherwise agreed to by the Match Observer at the time the team arrives at the field and checks in with the Match Observer (to occur as close as possible to one hour prior to the scheduled kick-off time), the home team is to have their player eligibility checked 45 minutes prior to game time. The visiting team is to have their player eligibility checked 30 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time.

When the Match Observer has completed his confirmation of player eligibility, he/she shall complete the Referee's Game Sheet. Specifically, the Match Observer shall:

" Check that all pre-printed information on each Team's Game Sheet agrees with the Referee's Game Sheet;
" Insert on the Referee's Game Sheet all additional information that was entered on each Team's Game Sheet and that was confirmed by the Match Observer (i.e. player numbers and information related to players from affiliation agreements or players playing under Temporary Registration Permits or Trial Permits.

Once the above is completed, the Match Observer shall then distribute the four copies of each of the Team Game Sheets to the:

" Home team;
" Visiting team;
" Fourth Official/Referee along with three copies of the Referee Game Sheet; and,
" Media Booth/Game Announcer.

Each team shall receive a copy of completed Referee Game Sheet and the 4th official game log at the end of each game. This shall be delivered by the Match Observer or the 4th Official to a member of each team to each team's dressing room. The Match Observer may alter the place of delivery as is deemed appropriate.

NOTE: TEAMS PLAYING ON SATURDAY'S AND SUNDAYS MAY DOWNLOAD THEIR RESPECTIVE GAME SHEET AS OF THE FRIDAY IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO THE WEEKEND AND AFTER 12 NOON ON THAT FRIDAY. HOWEVER, THE TEAMS MUST UPDATE THEIR RESPECTIVE TEAM GAME SHEETS REGARDING YELLOW AND RED CARDS THAT MAY HAVE BEEN ISSUED AFTER FRIDAY NOON AND BEFORE THEIR SATURDAY AND/OR SUNDAY GAME. Specifically, it is the Club's responsibility to sit out for the appropriate amount of games any player(s) accumulating their 3rd, 6th, 7th or 8th yellow card or a red card in a game following Friday 12 noon and before their Saturday or Sunday game(s). A red card is an automatic minimum one-game suspension or may be more as indicated under the Discipline section further on in this document.

Team Roster and Substitution Guidelines

Teams must dress a minimum 13 to a maximum 18 players.

A team may play any or all seven (7) substitutes.

Official substitute cards must be made available to the fourth official.

A player once substituted cannot return to the field of play.

A maximum of five team officials will occupy the bench.

Team Colours

Colours will be worn in keeping with the colours designated by each team for home and away.

The Home team has the priority of team colour and it is the visiting team's responsibility to ensure there is no clash of team colours.

Official Game Balls

Four Locust game balls shall be made available to the referee 30 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time. The balls are to be delivered to the referees change room.

Coin Toss

The coin toss will take place 15 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time. The toss will take place at the Officials' change room. It is the responsibility of each team to have their captain at the Officials' change room just prior to the time of the coin toss. It is not the responsibility of the Officials or Match Observer to chase teams to be present for the coin toss. If only one team is present at the time of the coin toss (fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time), then the team present is automatically deemed to have won the coin toss. The absent team will have violated a game-day protocol requirement.

Team captains must be identified by the use of a contrasting armband.

Walk Out

Walk out will take place 12 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time.
Players and game officials will be introduced over the Public Address system. The pre-game ceremony will be completed at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time.

A stadium-size Canadian Flag shall be present on the Flag Pole in the stadium.

Only the Canadian National Anthem shall be played unless, in the case of an exhibition game, the visiting team is from another country.

Player Numbers

Players must be wearing numbers at least 8 inches high on the back of their jerseys and the number is to correspond with their respective number on the Team Game Sheet.

Jersey Markings

The Team's logo must be displayed on the front of jerseys and the CPSL patch and sponsor markings as required by the league must be shown in the location specified.

Ball Retrievers

Ball retrievers are to be in place at time of the Walk Out.

Official Match Observers

A Match Observer shall be appointed by the CPSL and the CPSL wishes to have a Match Observer present at all games. The Match Observer's responsibilities include, and are not limited to, the following:

" To oversee the entire game day event;
" To make themselves known to both teams and the Officials as soon as possible to begin working with each of the parties to the game;
" To treat all parties to the game (club officials, game officials and players) with courtesy and respect. It is hoped that this display of courtesy and respect will be replicated by all the other parties to the game with one another;
" To assist teams and officials in organizing and carrying out all of their respective game-day protocol requirements;
" To report to the League any non-compliance of game-day protocol requirements and anything else that the Match Observer believes should be brought to the League's attention (especially items that can improve and/or protect the League's image);
" To fulfill his/her responsibilities regarding game documents, confirmation of player eligibility, etc.;
" To officially represent the League and to carry her/his self as the CPSL's official overseer of the game. The Match Observer is to be the individual of reason and calmness especially if there is a situation of conflict or disagreement between teams which, normally, may be more passionate in debating an issue before, during or after the game;
" To watch the game very closely so as to be a reliable witness to any events that may occur during the game as well as a general overview of player behaviour and the overall effectiveness of the officiating.

Match Observers do not assess or judge the Game Officials.


It is the home team's responsibility to ensure that game officials, players and CPSL Club officials are secure in a professional game environment. If there is a threat in any way from spectators, verbal or physical, it is the home team's responsibility to deal with the situation before the referee has to intervene.

The Game Officials are to be escorted on and off the field at all times.

No one is allowed to enter the Game Officials' dressing room without permission.
At no time should the public address system announcer criticize, discredit or embarrass a Game Officials. Such criticism is harassment and may lead to a threatening atmosphere.

The League will not tolerate any Club Official, Team Official (Coach, Manager, etc.) or player making any remarks in public, or in earshot of anyone, that criticizes, discredits, embarrasses or is in any way derogatory towards a Game Official. Such actions will be dealt with harshly by the League, in addition to the fines related to game day protocol violation.


It is the home team's responsibility to report the game result and details including the name of the goal-scorer(s), time of goals, and the name(s) of the player(s) receiving yellow and/or red cards to a CPSL designated media person immediately after the game and no later than 15 minutes following the final whistle.

Videotape Policy

Teams are required to accommodate the needs of television personnel with interviews and game shooting required for the CPSL Soccer Show. The Match Observer shall assist in co-ordinating, between the Club representative and the media, any pre-arranged interviews within the pre-game timeline with the intent to avoid such interviews of players and coaches taking place during the warm-up period or just prior to the walk-on or kick-off.


As with Rules & Regulations, violations of game day protocol will be subject to a fine at the discretion of the CPSL Competitions Committee or the Board of Directors. Until an official chart is distributed, each game-day protocol violation will attracted at least a $100 minimum fine and may be more depending on the violation. All fines will be applied consistently against all CPSL Clubs.


CPSL discipline matters shall be conducted in accordance with the Discipline by Review procedures set out in the OSA Discipline Policies and Procedures.

Players my request a hearing in writing, along with a $50.00 fee, but otherwise will be subject to the minimum penalties set out in the OSA Discipline Policies. However, if the Discipline Committee feels a more severe penalty is warranted, a hearing will be scheduled and the player will be required to attend. Minimum penalties stipulated under the OSA Discipline by Review policies are as follows:

(i) Accumulation of Yellow Cards (Cautions)

Third seasonal yellow card >> One (1) game suspension
Sixth season yellow card >> Two (2) game suspension
Seventh and eighth seasonal card >> Three (3) game suspension

Yellow cards are accumulated throughout the season separately for a regular league game, a league cup game or a playoff game. The Discipline Committee will specify the game(s) for which the player is suspended and a least three- (3) day's notice will be given for such suspension(s).

A player dismissed for a second caution offence in a game does not have an accumulation of yellow cards from that game and will automatically sit out the next game whether this be a league, playoff or cup game.

(ii) Red Card Offences (Dismissed from a Game)

Dismissed for second caution offence >> One (1) game suspension
(Neither offence directed at a game official)
Dismissed for using offensive, insulting, abusive
Language/gesture (not directed at a game official) >> One (1) game suspension
Dismissed for denying an opponent a goal or an
Obvious goal-scoring opportunity by deliberately
handling the ball >> One (1) game suspension
Dismissed for denying an opponent a goal or an >> Two (2) game suspension
obvious goal-scoring opportunity to an opponent
moving towards the goal by an offence punishable
by a free kick or penalty kick or penalty kick
Dismissed for Serious Foul Play >> Two game suspension
Dismissed for spitting at an opponent or any other >> Three game suspension
person (except a game official)
Dismissed for Violent Conduct >> Three game suspension

The OSA Discipline Policies stipulates that all other offences shall be conducted as Discipline by Hearing. A hearing will be scheduled and the player required to attend. Such offences include, but are not limited to, the following.

Dismissed for second caution offence (one of the offences directed at a game official)
Dismissed for using offensive, insulting abusive language/gesture (directed at a game official) Receiving a third dismissal in a season

Dismissed for a Game Official Assault - any form of actual or attempted physical contact or violent conduct towards a game official

In any event, a player receiving a red card will automatically be suspended for the next game regardless of whether the game is a regular league game, a cup game or a playoff game.

Any additional penalty assessed by the Discipline Committee will specify the game(s) for which the player is suspended. At least three days notice will be given for additional suspensions.

Any offence not covered above, including offences by team officials, will be dealt with as Discipline by Hearing.


Any protest or complaint must be made in writing to the Competitions Committee within twenty-for hours following the game being protested. A $500.00 protest fee in the form of a certified cheque, cash or money order must accompany a protest. The fee will be refunded if the protest is successful and at the discretion of the League, the opposing club levied the administrative cost.

The Board of Governors will assign a discipline panel to hear the protest or complaint within three weeks of its receipt at the league office.

Protests of games in Open Canada Cup or Playoff competition quarterfinals or semi-finals shall be filed within two hours of the completion of the game in question.


The decision of the CPSL Discipline Panel on any protest or complaint may be appealed in writing to the full CPSL Board of Directors who will consider the appeal at a properly scheduled meeting.

A $500 appeal fee and a $500 non-refundable administration fee in the form of a certified cheque, cash or money order must accompany an appeal.

The decision of the CPSL Board may be appealed to the OSA in accordance with OSA Appeal Procedures. If such an appeal is made, the appellant must pay an additional $500 non-refundable administration fee to the CPSL in addition to the fees required by the OSA. Appeal fees must be in the form of a certified cheque, cash or money order at the time of the appeal. The same holds true if a CPSL Club appeals to any other levels of authority.

Each club is required to be represented at all properly convened League meetings. Failure to be so represented shall result in the absenting club being fined as follows:

(i) $250.00 - Two hundred an fifty dollars for each meeting missed
(ii) $500.00 - Five hundred dollars - for a subsequent consecutive meeting missed
(iii) $1000.00 - One thousand dollars - for missing a third consecutive meeting.

Additional consequence, including suspension, shall be considered by the League Management Board

To approve a new rule, provide for notification of propose rule changes and two-thirds majority vote required.

In addition to Toronto Croatia, which other club has won the CPSL championship twice?
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Ottawa Wizards
Toronto Olympians
North York Astros

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