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Name: nelson iyke
Question: Dear Sir i would like to know how to get registered in the CPSL league,as i have already gotten a club which have shown interest in signing me[NORTHYORK ASTROS FC],but they complained that i am an import so i would have to register priorly with the league before we can go further in the talks.i would be indebtly grateful if you could direct me on ways to achieve this and other regulations i would need to know. NELSON IYKE NB- I have already asked this on the contact us section but i am really not sure whether that's the right way.so please if you can be of help to clarify this issue for me.
Thank you for your enquiry. CPSL teams may sign a maximum of five import players (defined as one who is not a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or Canadian Government-approved refugee.) So, you need to contact a CPSL club that has not signed the maximum five. Probably North York Astros has their import quota of five already. You can access club directories through the Web site at www.cpsl.ca and click on to TEAM PAGES. Good luck. Stan..for the President

Name: Pierre
Question: Is it possible for my team to participate in the CPSL CANADA CUP without competing in your league's regular season ?
The CPSL is presently attempting to change its League Cup format, which this past year was the Government of Canada Cup, and to change it to an Ontario-wide Open Cup. This would mean that any team could apply to play in the tournament. The CPSL Owners have endorsed this move and the Toronto Lynx have also indicated their willingness to participate. I believe an Open Cup of this nature would be absolutely wonderful for soccer and fans in Ontario. It would make sense that the champion would then move on to the national open cup championship. I hope your team participates in next year's Open Cup. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini.

Name: bobby
Question: just a suggestion, you should have all six teams remaing on the survey...... to see who would win
I am surprised that the other two teams, Montreal Dynamites and Metro Lions, have not been included. I will get this rectified immediately. Thank you very much for advising us. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: Brandon
Question: The question I have is a question many soccer players and coaches as well as soccer fans would like answered in Windsor, Ontario. I believe 2 seasons ago Windsor hosted a game at Windsor Stadium and in the newspapers here there was talk that Windsor would be getting a team in the CPSL the following season. Two seasons have past I believe or it could be only one season and we don't have a team and nobody has heard why this is the case. Can you tell me if Windsor can get a team and how it is possible to get a team made up as many coaches and soccer people in the city are extremely interested? Why didn't Windsor get a team last season? Please answer this question as it�s a very important question for the soccer community in Windsor, Ontario and most often people forget about us being at the southern end of Ontario. Thanks so much and keep up the great work with the league!!!!!!!!
You are right: There was a group that had hosted a CPSL game last year and that was in serious discussions with the CPSL regarding the purchase of a franchise. While awaiting an application, the League no longer heard from the group nor did they return a call I made several months ago. I believe the correct interpretation of these events is that the group is no longer interested in going ahead. As far as the CPSL is concerned, we believe Windsor is a prime location for a franchise and we believe it is one of the few territories left in Ontario where we would allow a franchise. I personally believe it is a big shame that a City the size of Windsor does not have a group interested in owning a CPSL franchise. If anyone is interested in a CPSL franchise in Windsor or anywhere else, they should contact me directly or through the CPSL office and I will take them through the steps that will be required to own a franchise and provide them with the necessary information. I hope you can spark someone to come forward. I thank you for your question and hope to be at a CPSL opening season game in Windsor in the not to distant future. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: luigi
Question: Hey, I'm 17 and I was training with the wizards last year and have been ask to come train with them again this year. Because of the possibility of scholarship, I don't want to be stuck sitting a year out. I heard that the cpsl might put a U21 division in next year and I was wondering if it was true.
Yes, it is true. We are in the midst of organizing a division of only CPSL U21 teams in the Ontario Soccer League Under 21 Division. All our teams are ready and we are just going through the approval processes with the OSA. I hope we wee you in the League next year. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

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In addition to Toronto Croatia, which other club has won the CPSL championship twice?
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Ottawa Wizards
Toronto Olympians
North York Astros

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