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Monday, September 29 marks the beginning of the final week of the CPSL�s 5-month long 2003 campaign, with the last two regular league games to be played Monday and Tuesday:

Monday, September 29, 8.45 pm: Memorial Park, Toronto Croatia vs. Metro Lions

Tuesday, September 30, 8.30 pm: Dufferin Clark, Vaughan Sun Devils vs. Durham Flames

Seven teams move into the CPSL playoffs, the top three from each conference and the host team of the Championship Weekend, which this year is London City.

Rogers Cup playoffs for the CPSL Championship will get underway with the first quarter-final game on Tuesday night:

Tuesday, September 30, 8.30 pm: Victoria Park, Brampton Hitmen vs. St. Catharines Wolves or Toronto Croatia

Toronto Croatia needs a win or tie on Monday night to advance to this quarter-final. A loss puts St. Catharines Wolves in the quarter-final.

The second quarter-final will take place on Wednesday night if Vaughan Sun Devils win their final league game on Tuesday night.

Wednesday, October 1, 6.45 pm: Centennial Stadium, Toronto Supra vs. Vaughan Sun Devils

If Vaughan Sun Devils lose or tie their final league game on Tuesday night, Laval Dynamites will advance to the quarter final to be played on Friday night--the venue to be decided. It will be: Friday, October 3 TBA Toronto Supra vs. Laval Dynamites

Schedule for the CPSL Championship Weekend at Cove Road, London:

Friday, October 3, 8.30 pm: WILD CARD GAME: London City vs. St. Catharines Wolves or Toronto Croatia

Saturday, October 4, 5.30 pm: EASTERN SEMI-FINAL: Ottawa Wizards vs. Laval Dynamites or Vaughan Sun Devils

Saturday, October 4, 8.30 pm: WESTERN SEMI-FINAL: Hamilton Thunder vs. London City, St.Catharines Wolves or Toronto Croatia

Sunday, October 5, 3.15 pm: ROGERS CUP FINAL for the CPSL Championship.


In addition to Toronto Croatia, which other club has won the CPSL championship twice?
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Ottawa Wizards
Toronto Olympians
North York Astros

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