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In 2004, the playoffs leading to the championship of Canada�s only complete professional soccer league kicked off Sunday, October 3 following the final game of an almost 5-month-long regular league campaign that ended on Thursday, September 30.

Toronto Supra won the Eastern Conference title of the Canadian Professional Soccer League and for the second year in succession, Hamilton Thunder won in the west.These two teams will advanced to the semi-finals on October 9 and the championship final was played two days later on Thanksgiving Day, Monday, October 11.

But first there were the two quarter-final games, followed by a wild card game that was necessary to provide a second opportunity for the host team, Brampton Hitmen, to win the title.

Rules provided for the league championship to be decided by the top three teams in each of the two conferences, but if the host fails to finish in the top three, a wild card game will be played.

In the first quarter-final game played on Sunday, October 3, Toronto Croatia advanced to the wild card game by defeating Windsor Border Stars, 5-0.

Western Conference � Quarter-final

Sunday, Oct. 3 Toronto Croatia 5, Windsor Border Stars 0

Eastern Conference � Quarter-final

Tuesday, Oct. 5 Metro Lions 3, Vaughan Shooters 5

Wild Card

Friday, Oct. 8 Brampton Hitmen 1, Toronto Croatia 3


Saturday, Oct. 9 Toronto Supra 1, Vaughan Shooters 4

Saturday, Oct. 9 Hamilton Thunder 0 Toronto Croatia 2

CPSL Championship Final:

Monday, Oct. 11 Toronto Croatia 4, Vaughan Shooters 0


The following report outlines what took place in 2003:


Brampton Hitmen nipped Vaughan Sun Devils 1-0 in the Rogers Cup Final for the championship of the CPSL following a week of playoffs that some consider to be the most exciting time of the season.

How did the CPSL playoffs work in 2003?

There were seven teams in the 2003 CPSL playoffs�three from each of the two conferences (east and west) and London City�the host team.

The top team in each of the two conferences, winner of the Eastern Conference and winner of the Western Conference, received a bye to the semi-finals.

This year that was Ottawa Wizards and Hamilton Thunder, respectively.

In the Eastern Conference, the second and third team played a one game knockout.

This year, Vaughan Sun Devils defeated Toronto Supra.

In the Western Conference, the second and third place teams met and the winner, Brampton Hitmen went on to meet London City in a Wild Card game on Friday, October 3�to kickoff the big weekend.

Brampton Hitmen defeated London City in the Wild Card game.

Following the withdrawal of Ottawa Wizards from the weekend final games, Brampton Hitmen went straight to the final game to meet the winner of the Saturday's semi-final game between Hamilton Thunder and Vaughan Sun Devils, won 2-0 by Vaughan Sun Devils.

The weekend results were:

Friday, October 3: Brampton Hitmen 1, London City 1 (Brampton wins on 5-3 penalty kicks)

Saturday, October 4: Semi-final: Vaughan Sun Devils 2, Hamilton Thunder 0

Sunday, October 5: Rogers Cup Final for the CPSL Championship:

Brampton Hitmen 1, Vaughan Sun Devils 0


IN 2002, SEVEN TEAMS TOOK PART IN THE ROGERS CUP PLAYOFFS FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE CPSL The top three teams in each conference won playoff berths and North York Astros gained a Wild Card opportunity to reach the semi-finals as the host team of the final playoff weekend at Esther Shiner Stadium October 18 - 20.
Ottawa Wizards
Montreal Dynamites
Metro Lions
Toronto Croatia
Mississauga Olympians
Hamilton Thunder
North York Astros

The conference winners, Ottawa Wizards and Toronto Croatia, gained an automatic bye to the semi-finals and in the Eastern Conference, Montreal Dynamites and Metro Lions played a one game elimination with Metro Lions advancing to the semi-finals to meet Ottawa Wizards In the Western Conference, Mississauga Olympians and Hamilton Thunder, played a one-game elimination and Mississauga Olympians triumphed 3-2 to advance and meet North York Astros in a Wild Card game. North York Astros won the Wild Card game 3-0, to meet Toronto Croatia in the semi-final.North York Astros won 1-0. The final playoff weekend took part at Esther Shiner Stadium, Bathurst and Finch in North York
Friday, Ocober 18 8.05 p.m. Wild Card game:

North York Astros 3, Mississauga Olympians 0

Saturday, October 19 2.05 p.m. Eastern Semi-final:
Ottawa Wizards 1 Metro Lions 0

Saturday, October 19 4.05 p.m. Western Semi-final:

Toronto Croatia 0, North York Astros 1
Sunday, October 20 at 2.05 p.m.:

Rogers Cup Final for the CPSL Championship: Ottawa Wizards 2, North York Astros 0

In addition to Toronto Croatia, which other club has won the CPSL championship twice?
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Ottawa Wizards
Toronto Olympians
North York Astros

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