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Brampton Hitmen, jubilant in CPSL Championship victory last October, are determined to be part of at least one title again this year. Three players have been signed from Cruz Azul, Mexico.

The CPSL season is now well underway including an an exciting and successful three-day visit by Portuguese First Division team Boavista for games against the CPSL Locust Selects and Toronto Supra

CPSL clubs continue almost daily to make major moves in player personnel and one that has attracted the most attention came from the defending CPSL champions, Brampton Hitmen who are determined to be in at least one title race again this year.

Brampton has brought in some top tier talent from south of the border, recently signing Mexican trio, Jorge Romero, Gustavo Mocino and Angel Velasquez from Cruz Azul of the Mexican first division. They have also acquired Bayete Smith and Arturo Alava from the Vaughan Shooters for future considerations and recently formed an affiliation with the Brampton Artilleans to assist in player development.

London City is betting on its rookies to provide depth and versatility to its squad, and it�s no surprise that they quickly secured Haider Al�Shairbani, their starting goalie in the last year�s Open Canada Cup as their number one goaltender. They also added platoon partners Justin Medeiros, last year�s Open Canada Cup most valuable player and Marko Peeters to their roster. In an effort to help these young players develop and to bring some leadership to this team, the club signed veteran midfielder Kadian Leckey on loan from North York Astros.

Metro Lions are hungry for new talent and took no time in forming an affiliation with G.S. United Soccer Club of the Ontario Soccer League. The club hopes this affiliation will assist them in developing young players.

G.S. United was last year�s league runner-up in the OSL and also won the league cup and championship in 2002.

The Lions, looking to add depth to their roster, signed midfielder Marko Janjicek, a young up-and-coming prospect who recently tried out for the Edmonton Aviators of the A -League and Paul Daccobert, a versatile player capable of playing multiple positions.

They also have high hopes for youth standout Sasha Kosanovic who scored in the 2-1 loss to the Hitmen on June 6, Caribbean duo Caswain Mason from St.Vincent and Darryl Gomez who originated from St.Kitts and Hayden Fitzwilliams, a member of the Trinidad and Tobago national team.

Windsor Border Stars are ready to make some noise in the CPSL and they hope the acquisition of indoor veteran Fernando Errecalde, a midfielder who played for the Toronto Shooting Stars and Detroit Rockers, will assist them in doing so. He also found the net to score a big goal in the Border Stars� opener. It was a winning effort in the 1-0 victory against Toronto Croatia.

There is a battle brewing in North York between youth prospect Ryan Kelley and veteran Arthur Zaslavski for the starting goal keeping position. The vacancy at goal is the result of the Astros loaning Luciano Miranda to the Woodbridge Soccer Club for the 2004 season.

Speaking of youth, the Astros will be looking to their recently formed out door development team to assist in player development and player promotion.

Vaughan Shooters continue to expand their roster and in an effort to promote young talent have just affiliated themselves with Woodbridge Italia and the Vaughan Soccer Club of the Ontario Soccer League.


In addition to Toronto Croatia, which other club has won the CPSL championship twice?
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Ottawa Wizards
Toronto Olympians
North York Astros

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