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Phil Ionadi, captain of CPSL champs Brampton Hitmen was the 2003 MVP to receive his award last year from Dick Howard, a member of the FIFA Technical Committee.

The Canadian Professional Soccer League will parade its best this Saturday when teams honour individuals in seven categories at the 2004 Annual Awards Banquet.

These players, a coach and a referee, are all considered to have contributed more than anyone else to the success of a club, or the league as a whole.

The Most Valuable Player is considered to be the most coveted award in all sports, and pro soccer in the CPSL is no exception, with players from 10 of the 11 clubs having been nominated. The league will also announce winners in the defender category, the rookie of the year, its top goalkeeper, its best coach and probably the only time of the year a referee has an opportunity to be voted a winner and receive a tribute from the professional soccer community of players and club officials.

And while the entire honours list will be revealed and the individual winners celebrated at the La Contessa Banquet Centre in North York on Saturday, one category has already been announced. It�s that of Paul Munster, a striker from London City who captured the goalscoring title with 25 goals in league and cup play�that�s more than a goal a game for the 22 year old Northern Ireland-born, who is attracting interest from clubs in Europe with trials already booked in the Czech Republic.



Jeff Hodgson � Border Stars

Paul Munster � London City

Matthew Palleschi � Vaughan Shooters

George Azcurra � Toronto Croatia

Zeljko Dukic � Hamilton Thunder

Sean Roberts � Brampton Hitmen

Kurt Ramsey � North York Astros

Carlo Arghittu � St. Catharines Roma Wolves

Caswain Mason � Metro Lions

Danny Amaral � Toronto Supra


Justin Marshall � Border Stars

Marco Peeters � London City

Jorge Molina � Vaughan Shooters

Antonio Zupan � Toronto Croatia

Blazenko Bekavac � Hamilton Thunder
Bayete Smith � Brampton Hitmen

Kurt Ramsey � North York Astros

Joe Carbonara �- St. Catharines Roma Wolves

Chris Handsor --Metro Lions

Garvin Houston � Toronto Supra

__________________________________________________________________________ GOALKEEPER OF THE YEAR

Anthony Santilli � Border Stars

Haider Al-Shaibani � London City

Brian Bowes � Vaughan Shooters

George Azcurra � Toronto Croatia

Roberto Ferrari � Hamilton Thunder

Arthur Zaslavski � North York Astros

Michael Silva � Toronto Supra

________________________________________________________________________ ROOKIE OF THE YEAR

Aaron Byrd � Border Stars

Paul Munster � London City

Fitzroy Christie � Vaughan Shooters

Joseph Cosentino � Toronto Croatia

Alex Arbelo � Hamilton Thunder

Angel Velasquez � Brampton Hitmen

Alex Braletic � North York Astros

Anthony Stranges � St. Catharines Roma Wolves

Marc Jankovic-- Metro Lions

Jose Moreira � Toronto Supra

_______________________________________________________________________ COACH OF THE YEAR

Pat Hilton � Border Stars

Sam Medeiros � Vaughan Shooters

Josip Cvitanovic � Toronto Croatia

Jorge Armua � Hamilton Thunder

Pernel Mason � Brampton Hitmen

Vittorio Villacis � North York Astros

Velimir Crljen � Toronto Croatia

Jose Testas -- Toronto Supra


In addition to Toronto Croatia, which other club has won the CPSL championship twice?
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Ottawa Wizards
Toronto Olympians
North York Astros

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