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CPSL champs Toronto Croatia established in 1956

Toronto Croatia is the longest established team in the CPSL and almost certainly the most prolific when it comes to winning trophies.

So, the majority of those who responded to our poll got it right in selecting the team that was formed in 1956 and which attracted 455 votes (56.5 %), followed by London City with 163 votes (20.2%), St. Catharines Roma Wolves 116 votes (14.4%) and North York Astros 72 votes (8.9%).

St. Catharines Roma Wolves kicked off in 1967 as the Club Roma Soccer Association, while London City was formed on St. Valentines Day in 1973 and of the four oldies North York Astros is the new kid on the block, being established in 1990 as Atletico Argentina Soccer Club.

All four clubs were founding members of the Canadian Professional Soccer League in 1997 (kickoff 1998).

Toronto Croatia won the CPSL championship once previously, in 2000 and won the Canadian championship three times (1971, 1972, 1973).

The team won the North American Championship as a member of the North American Soccer League in 1976 and is a multiple winner of the Croatian National Soccer Federation of Canada and the United States annual tournament.

It has also won the Consols Cup once and carries titles from the National Soccer League and the Puma League.


In addition to Toronto Croatia, which other club has won the CPSL championship twice?
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Ottawa Wizards
Toronto Olympians
North York Astros

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