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TORONTO-Monday, November 29--London City striker, Paul Munster, was a substitute in a 1-0 home win by Slavia Prague over current Czech Republic champions Banik Ostrava at Prague today.

Munster was in his second game for Slavia Prague since his signing on November 19, having played the following day, entering as a substitute at the 74th minute mark in a 3-0 win over FK Chmel Blsany.

It was Slavia Prague�s fourth successive victory. The CPSL�s leading scorer and Rookie of the Year was interviewed on-line following training last Friday:

slaviaman: Hi, Paul, I have several questions: could you please briefly tell us what are the differences of the Canadian, Irish and Czech league? And in which club did you grow up? Why did you choose Slavia and why did you not go the western Europe - e.g. England, Germany....and the last question: if you compare Slavia to Sparta, what do you think? Thanks.

PAUL MUNSTER: Hi to you! I was playing very well in Canada, I had several opportunities where to go in Europe, but the best offer was the one from Slavia. The training was good and what I needed, the coaches were surprised that I am Irish and came from Canada playing soccer. As regards Canadian league, it is similar to the Irish one, but the Czech league is far better. It is the level I have always wanted to play at.


mazan: Hi Paul, how do you feel in Praha ? PAUL MUNSTER: I feel very good. The players from the team helped me to adapt to the Czech life style. So far so good.

ashante: Hi Paul, it is great you are in Slavia, what were your first impressions when you got to the club?

PAUL MUNSTER: I saw the stadium, the ground, club and professionalism in everyday training. I have seen many matches on television. As I have said this is the level I want to be at. Lebowski: What is your favourite film? PAUL MUNSTER:I like action films and there are many of them. I do not have a particular favourite one.

mazan: Does Munster mean goal monster ?? PAUL MUNSTER: Haha, it is funny. They said it in Canada as well wanting me to score like a goal monster and I sure did .

mazan: What city are you from ? Ulster ? PAUL MUNSTER: Belfast City.

king 25: Hi, who are your friends in Slavia, foreigners or Czechs PAUL MUNSTER: I talk with everyone, all of them are good friends. I always get someone else in my group for the training. Radek Cerny, Radek Bejbl, Pavel Kuka and Adauto are the ones who help me most when we do not train.

slavi@: Paul, do you think you might play against Ostrava? PAUL MUNSTER: I hope so, it depends on the coach of course. If I do not get a chance, it would mean I need some more time to build into the team. I did not expect to come and get the first line-up place immediately. But Im hoping soon that will change.

o-cab: what kind of music do You like? ever heard of the House Of Pain?:) PAUL MUNSTER: I like dance music, RnB, pop. I don�t think I heard of House Of Pain. maybe i heard it but I'm not good with names. You would have to sing it.

o-cab: Whose beer is the best? do You like to drink beer? PAUL MUNSTER: Ireland beer is the best "Harp" and "Miller". But I�ll drink whatever you give me. I like beer.

mazan: How do you celebrate St. Patrick�s day ? With green beer ? PAUL MUNSTER: Not green beer. We wear green clothes and drink.

houska: The comp finally works. What do you know about Slavia history? Did they tell you that the best ever scorer Mr. Bican played in Slavia? PAUL MUNSTER: As regards the history I know only that I am the first Irishman in the team. But I know that many superior players played for Slavia. I am going to learn something about the history soon!

Bilo-cerveny: Paul what do you do in your free time? Thank you. PAUL MUNSTER: I usually go to the town to have a meal somewhere. I also call my family and friends, walk in Prague. I also sleep a lot, the trainings are demandings. Sometimes I watch football on TV

Gema: What is your favorite colour? I hope red and white. PAUL MUNSTER: Actually it really is red.

slavi@: How do you evaluate coach Csaplar and do not be scared to say your opinion. PAUL MUNSTER: It must be one of the best coaches as he is in Slavia. He knows his job very well.

richi: One girl is interested in this: is women�s soccer played in your country? Have you ever seen a game? PAUL MUNSTER: I don�t think so. But in Canada girls play. And their national team is quite good. I have never seen a game though.

Janicka: How did you like the game against Caslav? PAUL MUNSTER: Well, I was looking forward to it. I could have played after six weeks, it is a pity they postponed it.

dusetam1: What was the average attendance in Canadian league? PAUL MUNSTER: About 500. Sometimes a thousand. Some matches were on TV.

SK Martin: How long would you like to stay in Slavia? PAUL MUNSTER: I would like to stay here as long as the coach would want my services. I hope this will be for long.

SKMartin: How did you turn up in Canada? PAUL MUNSTER: I had a bad knee injury. After the school I was offered to attend a training course in Canada, I managed to pass it and I decided to stay there. I did not play soccer during the first year, later I started. It was a great experience.

mazan: Do you speak Irish ? PAUL MUNSTER: No, it is very hard. Not too many people speak Irish, but in school I spoke French

SK Martin: What do you think about corruption affair in the Czech league? PAUL MUNSTER: I have heard about it. I could not believe that.

SK Martin: How is your knee now? PAUL MUNSTER: Thanks for asking. It is fine. I don�t think about it any more.

Boo-Reloaded: Do you play futsal? PAUL MUNSTER: No, I do not like it.

dimi: Hi Paul, how do you actually pronounce your name (surname)? All the TV reporters say it differently and I don't want to offend you when I come to a training:) PAUL MUNSTER: "o" Just pronounce it normaly no big deal.

BiloCerveny: Have you got a car? Which one? PAUL MUNSTER: Not yet, my Canadian driving licence is not valid here. I have pass a driving course here, this makes me angry a bit.

o-cab: do You play table football? PAUL MUNSTER: Sometimes.

player68: What position did London City finish in Canadian League? PAUL MUNSTER: We didn�t even make the Playoffs. Second from the bottom.

Bilo-cerveny: Where are you living in Prague? Is it decent? PAUL MUNSTER: Super, I am living just a few minute-walk distance from the stadium.

Dnate600: Shall we see you in match between Slavia and Banik Ostrava next Monday? PAUL MUNSTER: I hope so. It is my aim.

Bilocerveny: Will you guess the result for Monday? PAUL MUNSTER: We will win. We have to get to the top to the European Cups berths.

Mojza: Ciao, Paul. I wish you good luck in Slavia. I hope you will be a great star. Well, I am supposed to ask a question. So how are you? PAUL MUNSTER: These are all my wishes too, thank you. I am doing well, thanks.

BiloCerveny: Did you notice the rivalry between Slavia and Sparta? PAUL MUNSTER: Of course, right during the first week I learned about it. I saw the derby game. I was excited. I hope I may play in derby one day.

RonaldinhaR09: Hi.Who is your favourit player and club.Thanks and welcome PAUL MUNSTER: Manchester United is my favorite team and Roy Keane is my favorite player. I also like van Nistelrooy.

player68: Are you interested in European Champions League and UEFA Cup? Do you watch it? PAUL MUNSTER: I watch it all the time.

houska: What was the most famous club you ever played against? PAUL MUNSTER: It was not Blsany. I hope it will be Sparta in the spring.

Bilocerveny: Do you know any Irish national player personally? PAUL MUNSTER: I know Alan Blayney keeper who plays for Northern Ireland and Southampton. We played against and with each other when we were kids.

Bilocerveny: Did you try Czech meals? PAUL MUNSTER:Not yet. But I heard it is good. I have been eating pasta so far.

o-cab: well now You have a positive motivation...Slavia can certainly reach both of the cups:) the team is strong enough now. PAUL MUNSTER: Yeah, there is a big squad and a lot of competition. It is good for everyone.

kervi: When will you hit the gate, finally? PAUL MUNSTER: I hope that on Monday.

o-cab: Do you see any difference as to how the referees judge situations in Canada and here? PAUL MUNSTER: I don't really pay attention to the referees. Only when they give a bad call to me or the team.

mazan: Who�s the best Irish player of all times ? Georgie Best ? PAUL MUNSTER: For me it is George Best - Northern Ireland and Roy Keane - Republic of Ireland.

kervi: Are you able to order a beer in Czech? PAUL MUNSTER: Well, so far mostly my friends order for me.

slavianavzdy: Do you think you might play for Northern Ireland? PAUL MUNSTER: I hope if I play well in Slavia, I might get a chance.

BiloCerveny: What do you miss most in Prague? PAUL MUNSTER: Nothing. I have always wanted to play soccer professionally and if this means to live in Prague now, then it is OK and have no problem with this.

o-cab: hi Paul! first of all I would like to welcome You to our club and ask about Your fist impressions because even though You are here for a longer time we have almost no information from You. Good luck and a lot of goals PAUL MUNSTER: That�s what I am here for to score a lot of goals. Hopefully all the information about me you need will be seeing me playing on the field. Thanks for your support.

Janicka: hi Paul! I would like to know whether there are any women writing about soccer in Canada or Northern Ireland and if they are nicer than the girls in the Czech Republic? PAUL MUNSTER: The Czech girls are really pretty, but I concentrate on football. When I start scoring, they will come. But Irish girls are pretty as well, they know me and they know I play for Slavia now.

Boo-Reloaded: Paul, Canada is a cradle of ice-hockey and you must have noticed that there. Do you like this sport and are you going to visit some matches here, for example Slavia ones?

PAUL MUNSTER: I have never been very interested in ice-hockey. But my team-mates often visit Slavia matches, I might join them. The kids in Canada start playing soccer more and more. It is becoming more popular.

Gema: Hi Paul, welcome in Slavia. I would like to ask what is your objective in Slavia? How many goals do u wanna shoot? What do u think about Czech girls and beer? E+ PAUL MUNSTER: My objective is to be the top goal scorer in the team and the league. The fans gave me a nickname in Canada "Real Deal" I hope I�ll get another positive one here. I'm not used to the Czech beer but I'm willing to try it. I haven't spoken to the Czech girls too much because not too many of them speak English.

SKMartin: Do you like Slavia top? PAUL MUNSTER: Oh, I do, a lot. Also my friends were surprised and said it suits me. They are very non-traditional, it is a good tradition.

Boo-Reloaded: Do you go to the cinema? There you may understand everything. What do you do in your free time? PAUL MUNSTER: Sometimes, not very often. When there is a new film on. I will go when I return to Ireland at Christmas.

mazan: Do you have a chance to play in irish national team ? PAUL MUNSTER: Yes I do. But before that I have to play for Slavia first.

yenny: Could you please comment the wasted chance against Blsany? You must have been very sorry for that... PAUL MUNSTER: I was eager to score a goal in that match. I was well behind the defender and in a very good position. But when the ball was coming to me, it jumped just before me. It is a great pity. This is not going to happen next time. I hope there will be a better pitch next time. I have never played on such pitch as at Zizkov.

ashante: Who was your best support when you came to Czech Republic? Do you like Prague?

PAUL MUNSTER:A friend of my former coach. I love Prague. I thank you for all the questions, that was very interesting. I must go now, I hope we will repeat this in the future. Thank you very much for all your support


In addition to Toronto Croatia, which other club has won the CPSL championship twice?
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Ottawa Wizards
Toronto Olympians
North York Astros

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