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Did you know that the CPSL is Canada�s only professional soccer league?

It�s not the only pro soccer in Canada�the four Canadian teams attached to the U.S.-based A-League are also significant members of the Canadian professional game.

But the Canadian Professional Soccer League is the only complete pro league in the country and it�s expanding�and strengthening, and according to responses we receive from the CPSL Weekly Soccer Show and others who see CPSL games on a regular basis, it�s becoming more attractive to watch.

When Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, soccer�s world governing body, visited Canada 18 months ago, he spoke of the importance of pro soccer in any country, but especially a soccer-developing country, like Canada.

Holger Osieck, coach of Canada�s national men�s team and the CSA�s technical director, has said often and spoke recently of the importance of professional soccer to the national teams and to the country.

�Almost all countries have a national league and Canada is one of a very few without such a league,� said Osieck. �A Canadian national league is imperative in order to develop our talent.�

So while the CPSL is presently talking to the 10 or so communities and groups interested in joining the league in Ontario and Quebec, expansion across Canada on a region by region basis is also still very much in the works. But it will take time.

In the meantime, take in some CPSL soccer�you won�t be disappointed.


Certain CPSL teams have been established for decades. Which CPSL team has been playing the longest?
Toronto Croatia
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
North York Astros
London City

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