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     LEAGUE STATISTICS:  2004 -2003 - 2002

Top Goal Scorers
Player Name
Darren Tilley Mississauga Olympians 20
Kevin Nelson Ottawa Wizards 18
Mladen Dikic Toronto Croatia 14
Carlo Arghittu St. Catharines Wolves 13
Gus Kouzmanis Vaughan Sun Devils 13
Khalid Mensah Montreal Dynamites 13
Abraham Osman Ottawa Wizards 12
Kevin DeSerpa Mississauga Olympians 8
Tommy Kouzmanis Vaughan Sun Devils 8
Kurt Mella Brampton Hitmen 8
Karl Stephen Montreal Dynamites 8
Jamoh Welch Durham Flames 8
Brent Antoine Ottawa Wizards 7
Mike Glasgow Metro Lions 7
Jamal Jupiter Durham Flames 7
Miles O Conner Hamilton Thunder 7
Frank Zumpano St. Catharines Wolves 7
Phil Ionadi Brampton Hitmen 6
Johnny Matas Metro Lions 6
Urbain Some Ottawa Wizards 6

Most Goals For
Ottawa Wizards 55
Mississauga Olympians 50
Montreal Dynamites 44
Metro Lions 36
Toronto Croatia 36
Most Goals Against
Toronto Supra 48
Durham Flames 44
North York Astros 43
St. Catharines Wolves 41
London City 39

Goal Differential
Ottawa Wizards +42
Mississauga Olympians +20
Metro Lions +13
Toronto Croatia +13
Montreal Dynamites +10
Team Yellow Cards/Red Cards

In addition to Toronto Croatia, which other club has won the CPSL championship twice?
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Ottawa Wizards
Toronto Olympians
North York Astros

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