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Name: Robert
Question: I am a 35 year old soccer coach. I have coached at the youth level for the past 10 years. I would like to coach in the cpsl in the future. What is the coaching level that is required to coach in your league. Thanks
At this time, coaches in the CPSL must have a B License (Provincial), or be enrolled in a B license (Provincial) course. Thanks for your question. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: Tim Kelly
Question: Hi. Sent in several questions a few days ago and am wondering if you received them. Waiting to hear from you. Thanks
Sorry for the delay. I believe you have now received my answers to your quetions. In addition, we used two of your questions on the Ask the Prez" segment of the CPSL Soccer Show on Rogers. Thanks once again for your interest. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: bob thorton
Question: so tell me pres. who do you think will be in the final from the eastern conference and from the western conference.
I guess this is a follow up to your previous question. I previously commented on the Eastern Conference. The Western Conference title is totally up for grabs even though Toronto Croatia and Mississauga Olympians seem to have an upper hand at this time. With regards to which teams will be in the finals representing the East and the West, I think it would be impossible to call as anyone in the playoffs has a good chance of not only making it to the finals, but of also winning the Rogers Cup. Thanks for the question. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: john koomson
Question: Hello...... My name is john.k and a young soccer prospect living in Ghana(West-Africa) and would love to take my talent to another level....i believe my structures put in place by the soccer handlers in CA.....soccer development would be of a major help to most up and coming soccer players....i'd love to benefit from this move and have been on the look-out for a youth team or perhaps soccer academy where i'm hoping to groom and nurture my talent to its highest potential.
The CPSL has many imported players and our office would be happy to pass on your interests and personal soccer background to the CPSL Clubs. This would allow you and/or the Clubs to follow-up with one another. I hope Canada becomes a destination for you to develop and exhibit your soccer skills. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini.

Name: bob
Question: tell me pres, who do you think will come out victorious in the eastern conference to make it to the finals this year
I don't really feel comfortable answering this question as my position is a neutral one. As a spectator, Ottawa is looking really good to repeat as League Champs.However, we are just past the halfway mark in the season and there is a lot of soccer to be played. As League President, I hope other teams give Ottawa a run for there money. There will definitely be a furious fight for the playoffs as all but one team is in playoff contention at this time. Even the Astros would be back in the hunt if they put together two straight wins. Don't count them out yet as their team put in a very good performance against Toronto Croatia ten days ago and the team is getting stronger with some new additions. I don't know if there will ever be a time where the teams will be so evenly matched. Who are you cheering for? Thanks for the question. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

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In addition to Toronto Croatia, which other club has won the CPSL championship twice?
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Ottawa Wizards
Toronto Olympians
North York Astros

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