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Name: Fran´┐Żois
Question: What is the average attendance in the CPSL?
Attendance varies vastly from game to game and from club to club. We have not been in the habit of keeping these statistics in the past, however, we do wish to keep track of them in the future. This year we have seen crowds under 100 and crowds in excess of 2,000 for regularly scheduled CPSL league games. Most of the clubs are recording increased attendance, however, I do not have specific information at this time on a Club, if any, that may be experiencing decreased attendance this year. I do not believe we can reach our targeted attendance levels overnight. It is important to keep improving them and to be patient. I do have high expectations for next year when various programs that are being, or have been, developed with the help of Fantactics will be rolled out. We hope that our implementation will be properly executed to provide all of us with some welcome surprises. Thanks for your question and I hope to see you at a game. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: Paul Hendren (Inside Soccer Magazine)
Question: If you are going to fine the Durham Flames for delaying the start of their game in Oshawa are you going to fine Croatia for the same tardiness on Friday night? I made the cross country treck to Streetsville from Scarborough to see the game, only to arrive early with the game delayed 25 minutes. When a game is advertised for 8 PM it should start on time. many in the crowd were jeering the delayed start. Also: During your pre-season media conference you mentioned that all CPSL games will be attended by CPSL officials. SEveral weeks ago I attended Dufferin Clark Stadium and there were no CPSL officials in sight yet down the road at York U. Stadium I had spotted a league Executive. Is this appropriate for a league striving for positive exposure in a crowded sports marketplace? If your own administration is not even interested in watching CPSL games how can you expect Joe Public to occupy the bleachers.
With regards to your comments on the Toronto Croatia game starting late, it will be dealt with as any other game that starts late or that violates game day protocol. Just the same, I thank you for noting it for the record. Regarding your comments on games being attended by CPSL officials, please note that all CPSL games are attended by match supervisors: If it was unclear at the pre-season press conference, this is what was meant. Match supervisors are not league executives. They have a specific and very important responsibility on behalf of the CPSL League office and the Owners and it is important that they are impartial. I, for instance, would not have the qualifications to act as a Match Supervisor. In fact, our match supervisors are extremely well seasoned and experienced (ex) soccer officials. It would be impossible for our executives to cover all games, however, they do attend very many games. As for myself, I have attended seven games in five days on occasion. I know I gave Rocket Robin a run for his money on games attended during the first third of the season. However, I attend games not because I have to but because I love watching the talent in the league. There are spells, as has been the case this past month, where I cannot get out to a game for a week or so, or to only a game or two in a week. To underscore the point about going to games for pleasure purposes, my wife even comes out to many of the games by her own free will. It must be the game because she's already used to not seeing much of me. As for our executive being at a Lynx game, the League not only has good relations with the Lynx, but there is a lot of ongoing work and discussion between the Lynx and the CPSL. I am sure the visit was as much business as it was to watch the match. Finally, there are only two CPSL Executives in the GTA, Stan Adamson and myself. I am stretched trying to see games all over the league as well as my other CPSL and soccer responsibilities. Stan usually can only catch part of a game; he has to be at his desk for the post game reports and media dissemination of game results that goes on after game days. At the same time, we attend every possible game that we can because we want to, not because we feel there is an example to be set. I really thank you Paul for your questions and for keeping us on our toes. Thank you, also, for your contribution to soccer. Please flag me down if you see me at a game. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: Ivan
Question: I've been attending all of TORONTO CROATIA'S home games and i like the talent that they have and all of the teams that they play.I also enjoy ur site it's updated very often.My question u to u is how does the league detrem how much money player gets a year.is it based on there skill or is it bassed on how long they have been on a cpsl team.HOPE TO HEAR FROM U SOON THANKS
Salaries are based on a player's skill level. Obviously, players that have played at least one year in the League have already shown what they can do. Compare this to a good amateur player who is yet untested in the CPSL. Usually players rise to the occassion and improve their skills accordingly. Some players, however, do not. I have seen a couple of truly exceptional rookie's this year who have surprised me by not being around any longer. In both cases, the players were not comfortable playing at the intensity the game demands. Thank you for your support of the CPSL. Just keep spreading the word. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini.

Name: Jonah
Question: I am an American but I take constant trips to Toronto. (THornhill to be exact) I may be looking to move here or go to school here at least for a year or so. I feel I can play at a competitive enough level to make a mark in the CPSL. Work Visa permitting, how would I go about trying out for a team in the CPSL and how much (if anything) does a first year player make?
I'm glad you are looking at spending time in Canada. If you forward your soccer bio to our office with your contact info, we can forward it to our clubs. In addition, you can contact the Clubs by e-mail directly if you wish. Our website contains their contact info. Depending on your skill level, player salaries can go from $5,000 to $12,000 and age or number of years in the league has nothing to do with salary level. Players also get additional perks depending on the player, the team and specific circumstances. Please contact our office by e-mail or telephone. Thank you for your question aand good luck with your future. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: Mike
Question: Hi what kind of field is the CPSL using
I believe you have now seen my response to the same question you asked previously. My response was issued after you had already sent in this second request. I apologize for the original delay in responding to your question initally. Thank you for your persistence. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

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In addition to Toronto Croatia, which other club has won the CPSL championship twice?
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Ottawa Wizards
Toronto Olympians
North York Astros

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