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Name: ROB
Question: I have played soccer for about 8 years now and I'm 20 years old. I am currently not on a team but I am training everyday on my own doing whatever it takes to improve myself. I will be prepared for next season starting May 2003. My question is when must I try out for a team next year or when do I start making phone calls to coaches around the league?
I think that you should start right away. If you are at the right level now, you may be playing this year. Otherwise, you will at least know where you stand and what you have to do to be ready for next year. Please note that most teams are active in the winter from both a training and playing perspective. By the contacting teams now, you may be able to get into the one of the team's winter programs. Some club winter programs are more intensive than others. Good luck and thanks for you question. Let me know how you make out. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: Mike
Question: Vince, you have something special going on here, keep up the excellent work. But I have a question / concern. Why is it that when a player from the CPSL signs Pro, he is inelegible to play at a College or University level unless he is stated as an amature? Also if a player gets his amature status, whats this rule about the player having to wait a full year to play at a college, or University level. I know of at least 3 players who can't play soccer for there respective Colleges because they are not considered amature for more than 1 full year. Thanks for you time, and keep up the great work.
Thank you for your kind words. Regarding Pro's not being able to play at the College level, unfortunately these are College rules and nothing that we can control. I'm sure there are many good reasons why. I think that if Pro's were allowed to play at the College level, it would cost the college's a fortune, the bigger or richer colleges would have an unfair advantage and it would snuff out opportunities for many youths to develop their skills so they could compete on a professional level sometime in the future. Lastly, it could affect the pro leagues if they have to compete for pro players; it may waterdown the talent at the pro level. Regarding the one year waiting rule for a pro that turns amateur, I don't know if this is a US rule or if it applies to Canada as well. These are college rules and I do not have access to them at this time. I will try to access these rules in the future. On the otherhand, here are the Canadian Soccer Association rules for the reinstatement of a Professional Player to Amateur Status(this is an abridged version and the CSA Board of Directors always has the right to deny the application for reinstatement). The following rules would apply: 1)The player cannot have played as a professional for a period of 31 days prior to his/her reinstatement; 2)Application for reinstatement must be made to the Secretary of the Provincial Association with which he/she will be registered and it must be submitted on the proper CSA form; 3)A professional player may not be reinstated as an amateur more than three times in any five calendar year period and/or more than once in any one calendar year; 4)If a player reverts to professional status within three years from the date of reinstatement as an amateur, the club with which she/he was registered before regaining amateur status shall be entitled to a transfer fee; 5)Any professional player reinstated after July 31 in any year would not be eligible to play in any National Club Championship in that calendar year. I hope this helps. I am sorry I could not tell you more about the college rules. Thanks for asking your question. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: Matin
Question: Hi I wanna know if there are any Scouts from overseas that come to the CPSL games. If there are, what country are they Scouting for.
There are people that have come from other countries to look at players in the league. However, there is more scounting done by local individuals who then try to recommend or promote players to different foreign teams. I met scouts from England and South America. I believe that the CPSL has to take a very bold step in the future to represent and market its players (as in being the player agent for the league)in a more proactive manner rather than leaving it to different teams and their officials or representatives. I think that the League could serve and protect the players better if done properly, and it would be respected by parties interested in or players. If we cannot do a great job at it, then we shouldn't pursue it. That's my personal thoughts on the issue. Thank you for your question. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: bobby
Question: i am a very disappointed fan of the cpsl, let me tell you why. This weekend I had planned a trip down to toronto because i am a fan of the mmontreal dynamites. I know most of the players and organization and they played so well last saturday that myself and a couple of guys and girls were planning the weekend in toronto. We all made a lot of changes and for some unknown reason which no matter what it is it is unexceptable, we found out yesturday that the games were cancelled. Mr pres, I am a businessman here in montreal and that is really not the way to promote your league, you always try to speak how serious the league is and that it is getting better and better. I disagree. My question to you and i hope i do get an answer real soon is , how can you schedule games for the year and one weekd before you cancelled them. Please answer, thank you
First of all, I am very happy to see your great support for the Montreal team after watching their game. Your question is also an excellent one and I fully understand the seriousness of the effects of a rescheduled game. This year, the league has not changed one scheduled game until this current event. The only games rescheduled were due to inclement weather. Regarding the rescheduling of this weekends games, it was done with the full cooperation of the Montreal Franchise and it was a request that was made by the London City organization. Many of our CPSL teams, as Montreal has done in the past, play games in different venues/communities to help promote the CPSL in different parts of their territory. The game was scheduled to be played in Tilsonburg, a nice farming community approximately 25-30 minutes from London. The CPSL game was to be the highlight of the grand opening of Tilsonburg's new Soccer (-specific) Complex that includes an adjoining building and facilities/amenities. The Fire Marshall's office, upon inspecting the facilities and complex, has required changes to be made by the architects and the contractor. The changes delayed the opening of the facility for 42 days. As this was such an important soccer event for Tilsonburg, London City and the Elgin Middlesex Soccer Association, the League felt that rescheduling the game in Tilsonburg served a greater purpose and benefit to all affected parties and for the game of soccer itself than the alternative of changing the venue to London's regular home site. As the rescheduling was greeted by all affected teams (including Mississauga Olympians) with unanimous consent, the League ruled to allow the change due to the unusual circumstance. I regret any disappointments this change may have caused. I will be happy to welcome you on any planned future trip you make to Toronto with the Dynamites or I would gladly receive you in Ottawa when Montreal plays there on September 8th. Thank you very much for your question. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini. En premier lieu, je suis tr�s heureux de voir que vous encouragez l��quipe Montr�alaise depuis que vous avez regard�e leur partie. Votre question est excellente et je reconnais l�importance d�une partie resc�dul�e. Cette ann�e, la league n�a pas chang� une seule partie resc�dul�e � venir jusqu�� cet �v�nement. Les seules parties qui furent resc�dul�es �tait du � la mauvaise temperature. Pour ce qui est de la partie de ce week-end, elle fut resc�dul�e avec la cooperation de la franchise de Montr�al, et � la demande de l�organisation de London. Plusieurs de nos �quipes, comme l�� fait Montr�al dailleur, jouent des parties dans diff�rentes communaut�s pour aider � la promotion de la league dans les environs avoisiants leurs territoires. La partie devait �tre jou�e � Tilsonburg, une belle petite communaut� environ 25-30 minutes de London. Cette partie devait �tre le point fulminant de l�ouverture de leur nouveau complexe, �Tilsonburg Soccer Complex�. Apr�s inspection de l�endroit, le bureau de chef des incendies,a ordonn� que les architects et le contracteur apportent certains changements. Ces changements ont retard� l�ouverture du complexe de 42 jours. Puisque cette partie est un �v�nement tr�s important pour la communaut� de Tilsonburg et l�Association de Soccer de Elgin Middlesex, la CPSL � d�cid� que ce serait beaucoup mieux pour le jeu du soccer, et tous les parties impliqu�s de resc�duler la partie � Tilsonburg que de la jouer � London. Puisque la decision de resc�duler la parties fut approver � l�unanimit�, (ceci incluant les Mississauga Olympians), la league a approv� ce changement. Je regrette tout d�sapointement et inconv�nient ce changement a pu vous causez. Je serai heureux de vous re�evoir durant votre prochaine visite � Toronto avec les Dynamites ou encore � Ottawa le 8 septembre lorsque les Dynamites rencontreront Ottawa. Merci beaucoup pour votre question. Bien � vous, Vincent Ursini

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