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Name: Bashar
Question: I've been attending some of the Missisauga games and I'm very impressed with the level of play... my question to you is: What is the criteria for a player to join your league? is their a tryout? do you have any particular experience? I hope to hear from you soon!
I am glad to hear that you enjoy the games. Like you, when I became involved in the league and starting going to see games, I was very impressed and could not understand how most people do not know what they are missing. 95% of the games are exciting, end-to-end action with a very open and attacking style of soccer. I am even more impressed with the numerous young players that are not only making their way onto the teams, but are also demonstrating great skill, posture and maturity, and are playing with a lot of confidence. All the teams have tryouts at the beginning of the season. However, teams are picking up new players all the time. You can send your contact info to our office ([email protected] or telephone 905-856-5439) along with your playing history. The CPSL office will then circulate it. Another way for you to be seen is simply approach the CPSL team you may be interested in and ask them for a tryout. Believe me, they will never hesitate to have a look. In addition, the teams and their respective coaches will not hesitate to give you areas to work on or improve upon in case you are not ready for the league yet. In a nutshell, the only criteria is whether or not you have the talent. Therefore, go show your stuff. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: Hugo Whitfield
Question: I'm wondering if one day the CPSL will become a bigger league and include teams from Western Canada such as Vancouver, Edmonton, calgary etc... In others I want to know if Canada will ever have its own professional (like MLS)?
Thanks for your question. One of my previous responses went into a lot of detail on planned CPSL expansion. We wish to have the CPSL established from coast to coast. The CSA Board of Directors has voted in support of having the CPSL established as a national league throughout Canada. The exercise is easier said than done, however, we are putting a great deal of effort in achieving this objective. I believe it will happen, I only hoe it is sooner rather than later. I think the country and the Game need this national entity. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: Walter
Question: I live in London and am a big fan of the CPSL. Can you tell me why the CPSL is one of the very very few pro soccer leagues that doesn't offer any wagering on the out come of games. For Example: Pro- line or through a major sports book? Thanks in advance.
(As is the case any time I bet)...."I am at a loss" in answering your question Walter. I know that Proline was bantied about some time ago, however, I do not know what the details of any of the discussions were. Please allow me to look into this for you and I will post an updated response as soon as I get the info. Thanks for the question and "Good Luck". Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

Name: Chris Bellamy
Question: Hello Vincent, The Web Site looks great, excellent image for the League, what is the status of the open Cup for soccer. Canada is one of the only countries that does not have an open Cup, what is the game plan and time lines.
Thank you for your kind words. It has been really good news that the new website has received such acceptance. I am very frustrated with the very slow pace of development of the Open Cup. There was really no reason for the delay and eventual postponement last year other than for petty politics and no great desire by some of our soccer governing administrators. The professional teams are prepared to move full steam ahead with this initiative with tentative plans to host the finals in Western Canada in late August. The CPSL and the Toronto Lynx have been working hard to get this competition off the ground. My hats off to the Lynx who, like the CPSL, believe the Open Cup should be open to any Senior competitive team, be it professional or amateur. It is these type of match-ups and the thrill of an underdog battling to victory that makes the Open Cup so enticing and so exciting for spectators. The Lynx and the CPSL will push for the regional play-downs in this area to be a full open format for next year. So take note all senior teams and be ready for an invitation to enter the Open Cup next year. The CSA competitions committee should have the rules and structure of the competition finalized by the fall. To go one step further, I will ask the viewers to forward their comments and interest. In addition, it would be great to hear from teams that want to enter the Open Cup. Thanks for your question Chris. By the way, we all miss you at the CPSL. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini

I agree with you, they were both excellent and entertaining players to watch. According to the latest information we have, both players are with Norvale Croatia, northwest of Mississauga. Yours sincerely, Vincent Ursini.

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In addition to Toronto Croatia, which other club has won the CPSL championship twice?
St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Ottawa Wizards
Toronto Olympians
North York Astros

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